Expo Multi Screen App Starter

To continue from my last post, I wanted to share with you a more robust multi screen expo app starter. This has react navigation out of the box. With examples of:

  • Dynamic route transitions (Mode: regular & modal)
  • SVG usage
  • Utility checker for the notch: iPhoneX, iPhoneXs, iPhoneXr, iPhoneXs Max
  • Preloading/caching local fonts & images
    • with splash loading screen
    • and once the app has loaded, animation intro into app
  • Navigation Stacks
  • Production vs Development flags
  • Custom SVG back button within React Navigation header

Check the Demo & Release Notes here

Out of the box

  • Expo SDK 31 (will upgrade to latest SDK as released)
  • React Navigation v.2
  • Airbnb Eslint and Prettier
  • React Native specific accessibility linting w/ react-native-a11y
  • Simple Jest/Enzyme testing

This also comes with a very nice api/constants import system I’ve slowly made better and better. This comes with global colors, device info, and global styles. Pull requests are welcome!

View Project on Github

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